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28th-Feb-2011 02:42 am - Yo. ;D
Ueda - Moustache
Tina ; Call me Yume if you'd like. (: !

McMaster University


Life Sciences

Anything else you want to say?
I'm a 1st year life sci student. In my school, we choose our majors in 2nd year, so I'll probs not be life sciences by next year. xD;

As for fandom, I'm an Ueda Tatsuya and Arashi fan. Kat-Tun come second, and I am familiar with all the members of News and Hey!Say!JUMP. Ueda Tatsuya is my ultimate bias, and Aiba Masaki is my favourite in Arashi. 

I'm not too interested in JE anymore, but I'm actually housing with a friend who I met in another lj comm next year, so I thought posting around comms like this would be a great way for me to reach out to other people who are close to me and have similar interests as me. 

As for other fandoms, AAA have become my favourite at the moment, with Sueyoshi Shuuta being my bias. (: ! And I'm a huge Kamen Rider fan as well, with Den-O and W being my favourite. 

Feel free to ask me anything, or check out my lj for more info. I don't mind if you're not in the same uni, or even in the same country as me, I just like making new friends. Yoroshiku. n_n
27th-Feb-2011 09:28 pm(no subject)
Name: Alysa; Arisa
College/University: California State University Stanislaus
Country: USA
Major: Nursing
Anything else you want to say?
Arashi is my favorite group, but I do listen to other groups!
Aiba-chan is my one love ♥
I also like AKB48~ Oshima Yuko ♥

I hope we can be good friends?
28th-Aug-2010 12:35 pm(no subject)
A * RA * SHI


Edith Cowan University


Japanese / Creative Services

Anything else you want to say?
I am only really into Arashi. I don't follow many of the other JE groups except kanjani8 a little. I like a lot of j-pop and j-dramas outside of Arashi too.
I'm actually after ANYONE who lives in the Perth metropolitan area who likes Arashi. I only know abut 3 people who live here who like Arashi. x3
17th-Aug-2010 06:15 pm(no subject)
増田貴久 ★ MaSuperman
Name: Keito!
College/University: University of Toronto (St. George Campus)
Country: Canada
Major: East Asian Studies
Anything else you want to say?

I'm starting University this September, so I figured it was time to make this post.  I'm a NEWS fan, biased towards Tegoshi and TegoMasu, also a KAT-TUN fan (Nakamaru especially).  Aside from that I'm familiar with most of the other Johnny's groups, even though I might not be 100% caught up on them. XD;;  I spend most of my time watching dramas, so if you know any good JE dramas throw them my way. ;D  I'm also a mild Kpop fan, occasional anime watcher and manga reader.  :3  And I suck at intros so if you want to know anything about me just don't be afraid to ask! ♥
17th-Jun-2010 04:43 pm(no subject)
Name: Err... In fandom it's Sacchi  I prefer not disclose my real name, but if you're near me then I'll let you know my name

Universiti Teknologi MARA, Kampus Alor Gajah

Duh, Malaysia

Mass Communication I want to be a Journalist that write things that I want~

Anything else you want to say?:
  Okay, actually one of my best friend loves Jin and Takaki Yuya, but she's too much into Kpop, and our surroundings are quite oblivious about JE and Japan So in other words, I flail alone, because I hate don't like Kpop

I'm in love with Yuto But I flail over Arashi Sho-chan mostly, KAT-TUN, I love Kazu and Tat-chan Koyama I called him Keii-chan all the time XD, random Jrs... I don't know much about groups other than JUMP, but I don't have anyone that I hate in particular either trying to be neutral with everyone XD I'm quite ignorant towards groups other than I've mentioned and the Jrs. But Shokura is the best show I know that ever existed, so basically I can keep up with any JE fans?

Ummm... I love YUI and Ikimonogakari as well And... I'm crazy, to the point of annoying LOL

Yes, I abuse the use of emojis a lot
16th-Jun-2010 03:40 pm - Hi :D
Name: Jen
College/University: UC Berkeley
Country: USA
Major: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Anything else you want to say?

Umm..I'm going to be a freshman this fall n___n; my favorite group is NEWS :D Arashi comes second, although I'm mostly a fan for their songs. I also like Matsushita Yuuya, EXILE, flumpool...and anime/manga~
15th-Nov-2009 09:46 pm(no subject)
Ohchan +act
Name: Mariana
College/University: Universidade Nova de Lisboa - ISEGI
Country: Portugal
Major: information management
Anything else you want to say?

anyone is from portugal? T.T 18 years old and it's my first year in the U!

i got into JE world because of Yamapi and Kame (nobuta power~~) and now my favorite group is Arashi, followed by Kanjani8!!! my ichiban? Sakurai Sho xD (don't worry the others 4 isn't too far of him...hehe)
21st-Oct-2009 04:58 pm(no subject)

Name: Emily
College/University: Ultimo TAFE Sydney
Country: Australia
Course: programming or web design
Anything else you want to say?
I'm doing IT and the rest of my HSC, and may be doing japanese. My favorite JE bands are KAT-TUN and NEWS with other randoms like KimuTaku and toma. ^^
21st-Oct-2009 12:37 am(no subject)
Name: Frances
College/University: University of Central Florida
Country: USA
Major: English, Creative Writing
Anything else you want to say?
I'm getting a minor in Education, and learning Japanese on my own (hard as hell). My favorite JE bands are KAT-TUN and Kanjani8, with some NEWS too. I like a lot of members but my favorites would have to Kame, Junno, Ohkura, Yassu, and Massu. I love a man who loves to eat. ^_^
21st-Oct-2009 12:19 am - Hey there~
Amanda Tapping
Name: Anna
College/University: Stetson University (Deland, FL)
Country: USA
Major: Psychology
Anything else you want to say?
My minor is in Sociology and I'm also pretty interested in Creative Writing:)
My main fandoms are NEWS and Kanjani8 with a bit of Arashi on the side, lol. Favorite members would have to be Ryo, Yamapi, Koyama, and Yoko, but I can love pretty much anyone :)
I love helping others and making people smile. Singing is another one of my passions, as well as science fiction/fantasy ^^
Anyways, hope to find some friends here :D
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